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Designing & Manufacturing Laboratory Equipment Since 1950


Isolator Design, Manufacture & Servicing

Drawing on years of industry experience, NKP are now able to offer:

  • Flexible & Rigid Isolators – operating in negative or positive pressure, including surgical and transport isolators
  • Bespoke Isolator Design – utilising CAD design, our team will ensure the best use of your existing facility and space thereby maximising capacity
  • On-site Isolator Servicing – carrying the required spares, consumables and air testing equipment – our specialists will refurbish and repair isolators from a wide range of manufacturers at your site, at your convenience
  • Sundry Items – we also carry a wide range of consumables including heap filters, sleeve gloves, detachable sleeves, port cups, transfer sleeves etc,


To discuss your isolator requirements, please call the team on 0800 112 3047.