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Designing & Manufacturing Laboratory Equipment Since 1950

NKP is as a market leader in the design and manufacture of laboratory animal caging systems and associated equipment. Our products can be found worldwide, and as well as the wide range of caging systems, we provide small and medium sized flexible and rigid isolators (negative and positive pressured) for various species; autoclave drums, surgical and transport isolators and bio safety cabinets, and all the associated sundry items.

Building on our years of industry experience, we also design and manufacture bespoke flexible and rigid isolators and associated equipment to suit the clients’ requirements.  We also service isolators (both on and off-site) from a wide range of manufacturers, not just NKP products.

We are also now uniquely offering for sale a wide range of fully certified refurbished equipment from a wide range of manufacturers – a first for the industry.

To discuss your specific requirements, please do contact us.

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